Mission Statement

Mission Statement

  • Our bank exists to exceed the expectations of our customers by providing financial services and resources that enable them to achieve their financial goals.
  • Our bank exists to be the catalyst for building and sustaining thriving communities and to be a key participant in community reinvestment and philanthropic activity.
  • Our bank exists to provide opportunities for learning and financial reward for its employees in a workplace in which employees are treated fairly and with respect.
  • Our bank exists to augment the value of shareholder investment by resolutely striving for long-term profitability and by enhancing franchise value in accordance with sound banking principles and ethical standards.

Bank History

The North Central Bank was originally established as the Putnam County Bank in 1946. A group of progressively minded individuals in Hennepin, Illinois recognized the importance of having a bank as the cornerstone for any successful community. A committee was formed, consisting of five prominent men who were charged with the task of accumulating sufficient capital to achieve that goal. These five individuals were Olden Cofoid, Lyle Morine, Harold Kinney, George Brenneman, and Albert Pucci. George Brenneman would subsequently become the first elected president of the upstart financial institution.

Since its formation in the early days, the Putnam County Bank has had a strong sense of community with a philosophy of providing trustworthy hometown banking services in support of the local citizenry – many of whom became bank shareholders themselves. This belief in the welfare of community and a financial institution’s obligation to foster business development has helped the local area thrive, as the bank itself grew.

For the first seven years of its existence, the bank operated without FDIC deposit insurance. But in July of 1953 the bank was officially admitted as a member of the FDIC. In the following year, the bank surpassed the $1,000,000 asset level for the first time.

As the years passed, the bank continued to grow and eventually became the largest financial institution in Putnam County. In December of 1978 the Bank moved into a new, modern 3,782 square foot banking facility in Hennepin on the southwest corner of Second and High Streets. Then, again in 1993, the building was enlarged to accommodate continued growth of operations and staffing.

The former Bank of Ladd in Ladd, Illinois was acquired in November 1998 and immediately merged into the Putnam County Bank. The bank name was subsequently changed to North Central Bank, but continued to operate under the same local ownership, management, and employee staffing. Then in August of 2003, the bank reached the $100,000,000 asset plateau for the first time.

The bank continues its community focus to this day and is ably served by its capable Board of Directors. Those individuals are Harold Read (Chairman) Kim McKee, Ryan Anderson, Will Linker, Ryan Linning, Joe Gensini and Eve Postula 

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