By submitting this application, I/we authorize a consumer credit report and verify the statements in this application. Furthermore, I/we agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the debit card, and the electronic funds transfer disclosure, copies of which will be mailed to the applicant if a card is granted. Receipt of terms and conditions, and disclosure, and acceptance of such terms will be conclusively presumed by use of the card. If this is a joint application, the undersigned shall be jointly and severally liable for any and all debit card transactions. Both parties must sign if a joint account is desired.


  1. The term "North Central Bank" as used in this Agreement means a plastic card issued by the North Central Bank, your financial institution’s use in and with one or more automated teller machines, point-of-sale terminals or other electronic terminal, to communicated instructions and requests to the North Central Bank regarding on or more accounts. Cardholder may not transfer the North Central Bank card to any other person and, Cardholder shall promptly return it to the North Central Bank upon closing of, or any change in the status of the accounts.
  2. Cardholder intends to initiate transfers to and from accounts in accordance with the instructions accompany Cardholder’s North Central Bank card, and by the combined use of Cardholder’s North Central Bank card and Cardholder’s Personal Identification Number (PIN), at certain electronic terminals designated by your financial institution.
  3. Cardholder will give prompt written notice of loss of theft of cardholder’s North Central Bank card to the North Central Bank and may be required to pay a replacement fee of $10.00 for the standard card design.
  4. Cardholder’s North Central Bank card is not issued as a medium for obtaining credit and does not entitle Cardholder to overdraft any accounts.
  5. Each obligation imposed by this Agreement shall be joint and several obligations of all the persons referred to as Cardholders.
  6. Cardholder agrees that all provisions contained in other agreements governing the accounts, as such provisions now exist or may hereafter be stated, together with the provisions of the “Disclosures Required by Federal Law” delivered to Cardholder by the North Central Bank are a part of this agreement.
  7. Cardholder verifies that to have received a North Central Bank Disclosure Statement regarding the use of ATM and electronic funds transfer.