Other Loan Services

Automatic Payment

Automatically transfer your payment from any bank’s deposit account for a “hassle free” payment option so you won’t have to worry about not making payments on time.

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Cash Advance

Cash Advances on Master Card or Visa credit cards are available at both office locations.

*Additional fees may apply.

Escrow Account

Set up an escrow account with your North Central Bank home loan for monthly payment of taxes, insurance, association dues, etc. Let us assist you with your monthly budgeting and do all the work paying these items.


Credit Life - Credit life, disability and unemployment insurance made available to protect you and your family in the event of one of these personal hardships.

Mortgage Life - United Life Insurance Company provides life & disability insurance to protect your most valuable asset, your home. Protect your family from the unexpected and give yourself peace of mind.

PMI Insurance - Private Mortgage Insurance to assist in the financing of a larger percentage of your home. This program allows the average home buyer to purchase a house 10 years sooner by using PMI.

GAP Insurance - GAP insurance is available which covers the difference or “GAP” between your insurance settlement and your loan payoff in the event your vehicle is stolen or totaled. Without GAP, you could run into the RED.